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About Endorse Communications

Our Team

Endorse Communications knows that your business is unique. There's something different about the work you do that makes you passionate about it - and we want to help spread the word. Our team's professional experience with writing, web designing, project managing and other web- and business-focused communication services (and our extended network of partners with experience in even more areas!) will give you the words you need - and give your customers the experience you want. At Endorse Communications, you can put your good name on our good work.


Our leadership:
• Adam Bengtson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Adam has led teams of people as a volunteer, manager and business developer to create, implement and manage strategic initiatives as well as improve operational efficiency. Adam has a strong background in organization management, including financial management and website marketing. Adam's passion for assisting individuals, teams and organizations with their goals has allowed him to interact with a vast number of people and develop an expansive network of professional connections.